Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Compliances

Foreign Direct Investment is an investment effort of any foreign entity (Foreign Investors & Companies) towards a co-existing entity or a newly formed company in India or vice versa. As per the international FDI regulatory authority “Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)”, an investment made in any Indian company through an overseas channel above 10% is a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

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Your entity needs affirmation with all FDI Compliances

For companies receiving FDI from abroad, adherence to FDI Policy, 2018  issued by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions (DIPP) is mandatory.

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FDI Routes

Issue of FDI policy in India, bridges to fill the gap between saving and investment of resources. It is the most efficient way of bringing the required technology and ideology from foreign ventures. The FDI policy in India put up norms for receipt of FDI by Indian companies through the following routes:

  • Automatic Route: In certain cases of FDI, where the attention of foreign nationals is a necessity, the Government of India provides relief to Indian companies to receive FDI from abroad without approval of Reserve Bank of India or Government of India (GOI).
  • Approval Route: The approval route provides for FDI receipts in the country by Indian companies, by taking prior approval from certain government agencies – RBI (Reserve bank of India ), FIPB (Foreign Investment and Promotion Board), DEA (Department of Economic Affairs ), DIPP (Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy ), etc.

The current FDI policy permits all sectors entitles to receive FDI from abroad, excluding only a few entities engaged in lottery/gambling business, Chit funds, Nidhi Companies,  Transferable development rights (TDRs), Real estate business and some other disapproved businesses by government agencies.

FDI Compliances

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can be made in any direction inward or outward. An Indian company might invest in any other country to set up its operations abroad or invest in better equity options in the foreign market; also it might get an inward pool of funds from any foreign investor. Both have certain FDI Compliances to be followed in India including :

  • Registration under RBI guidelines for FDI Receipts.
  • Filling FDI receipt returns to RBI.
  • FDI reporting in Annual Returns
  • Reporting for Issue of shares/securities to the investor.
  • Following master directions of RBI for FDI.
  • Private Placement Provisions
  • FDI Conditions under Companies Act, 2013
  • Secretarial Compliances
  • Valuation & Investment Advisory
  • Issue of Offers
  • RBI Compliances
  • Remittance flow reporting
  • Annual Return Filling etc.

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FDI Compliance on Indian Firms

FDI in India results in low-interest rates and tax breaks while investment made abroad reduces the country’s resources. For receiving foreign remittances as FDI, FDI Compliances are to be fulfilled by:

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