Information Technology

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Right from regular office records to managing accounts to daily operations; Information Technology (IT) is an inseparable part of our lives today. At MN & Associates, we handle a range of issues related to:

  • Permanent establishment of software and infrastructure
  • Transfer pricing
  • Privacy
  • Data protection
  • Confidentiality and information security
  • Software piracy, etc.

Our team of reputed professionals understand that information technology comes with its own set of regulatory, legal and taxation challenges. With years of industry exposure and a dedicated research team, we offer services to our clients in matters of :

  • Cyber laws (hacking, domain names, etc.)
  • Protecting brands and ideas
  • e-Commerce contracts
  • Software development and licensing
  • Software and website development agreements (hardware maintenance and system supply, beta testing, broadcasting/ satellite and digital terrestrial agreements, etc.)
  • Legal compliance and regulatory advice