SPICe+ for Incorporation of Companies in India (applicable from 1st February 2020)

As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) update, the Ministry will soon notify the new SPICe PLUS eform replacing the existing SPICe form as a part of the Ease of Doing Business (“EODB”) initiative. SPICe PLUS would be an integrated form that shall be covering multiple services.

This form provides us an option to avail many services and registrations in a single application of which some registrations are optional, it covers the following:

SPICe Plus v/s SPICe Form

In SPICe Plus we can make multiple registrations as mentioned above in a single web-based form whereas in eform SPICe we get registration for a few services and one has to submit the AGILE form separately.

Points to take care of:

These steps are being taken by the department to make the procedure smoother and less complicated for incorporating a company in India. Therefore, more such steps that enhance better compliance, and restrictive in manner will be introduced soon in the coming times.

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