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Standard is a harmonized or an agreed way of doing something. Standards generally contain technical specifications, rules of applications, precise criteria for designs or guidelines. These are made to make life simpler and increase the reliability of products to be used. Standards are established on broad consensus by different standardization bodies and individuals for internal or external use.

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is a regulatory body empowered by the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 to guarantee quality assurance and credibility on the make and usage of certain goods. Products that are BIS marked through this organization become testified to be used. BIS after assuring the product to minimum specifications, safety measures, cross-linked standards, and quality grants BIS Certification to its producer or promoter. Producers of a particular category of goods and services have to get the product tested in BIS laboratories and obtain BIS registration/certification before offering it for public usage.

What is BIS Registration?

BIS Registration is a means of assurance given to customers, buying products that can be hazardous to life if not tested or not scanned for vulnerability at the production or distribution stage. It is voluntary for producers of goods to self obtain BIS Registration for their products after testifying them with the agency. For some goods as an exception, the Government of India had issued guidelines for mandatory receipt of BIS Registration, where such products have to be mandatorily provided to an agency for quality assessment.

BIS Registration allows the producer of the product to use the IS/ISO, ISI Mark, Hallmark, or the applicable mark on his product/s which gives it a more competitive advantage and a point of relevance to its buyers.

BIS Registration can be obtained directly filling an application on the BIS Registration portal of government. Once approved, the BIS approved mark can be used by the applicant. The validity of BIS registration is provided for a minimum of 2 years which can be renewed for any period from 1 year to 5 years.

Why apply for BIS Registration?

BIS Registration is for certifying goods that are expected to be of high quality and are linked to direct use of customers. Use of BIS Registration on the packaging of the product assures the buyer of the good that it has been made after undertaking all safety precautions and after confirmation for all standards of the BIS agency. BIS Registration for the producer is an optional choice, but goods prone to accidental mishappening, linking to fire, electric or public health are generally placed under the mandatory category for BIS Approval.

Mandatory confirmation for BIS standards are required for the production of the following category products:

  • Cement
  • Batteries
  • Food and Related Goods
  • Oil Pressure Stoves
  • Cylinder, Valves, and Regulations
  • Medical Equipment
  • Steel Products
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Electrical Motors
  • Capacitors
  • Chemical and Fertilizers
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Domestic Equipment (Water heater, LPG )
  • Air Conditioner and Related Parts
  • Plugs and Sockets (Electrical Goods )
  • Float Glass and Pressure Cookers
  • Wires and Cables
  • Aluminum Products
  • Toys
  • Transparent sheets and Safety Glass

(Detailed list for Applicability of BIS Registration )

BIS Registration for Producers of goods is essential:

  • To provide assurance to buyers of the good quality and conformity to BIS standards.
  • To get a competitive advantage over other similar products.
  • To avoid consumer grievances or consumer disputes.
  • To avoid the legal consequences of not using the BIS mark.


How to Apply BIS Registration Online?

BIS Registration is a scheme of testing products for issuing legal conformity to it for usage of consumer. All tests and information shared with the BIS authorities are held confidential and is done within the trusted boundaries of BIS Laboratories.

  • Documents required for BIS Registration
  • Name and identity proof of the proprietor/s of the firm.
  • Business Registration / Incorporation Certificates
  • Trademark or other licenses obtained.
  • Factory plant layout and manufacturing flow chart
  • Outsourcing agreement if any
  • Material list and Equipment used in goods and production
  • Calibration Certificates of Testing Equipments
  • Third-Party testing laboratory Report ( If tests conducted from BIS Approved lab).
  • Other documents as prescribed.
  • Options for Grant of BIS Registration

Option 1:An application using BIS Form V with the required fees& documents have to be made by the applicant for obtaining BIS Registration. On visit to the BIS agent and after assessment of manufacturing infrastructure, production process, testing capability, and quality control, samples of goods will be drawn for testing. After all confirmations and checks, the registration shall be granted. For certain goods registration will be granted on the basis of an assessment of the factory only.

Option 2:On receipt of application in Form V with required fees and documents, based on conclusions of the Test reports prepared by any third party lab approved by BISauthoritiesof the good and the raw material used, plant, quality control, and sample report. After all confirmations and checks, the registration shall be granted.

For detailed documents and procedure: Check this link

BIS Non-Registration Penalties:

For use of spurious BIS marks without receipt of approval or if under pending approval of BIS authorities, the producer or user of such mark can be prosecuted or be booked for crime by BIS authorities.

For contravention of any provision or non-use or misuse of BIS mark:

  • Any person who found in default can be imprisoned for a term that might extend up to 1 year or fine of not less than Rs 1 lakh.
  • Goods found without approved BIS mark can also be undertaken for search and seizure.

Caution : The use of goods with no BIS Registration / Certification can be dangerous for the buyer. Producer’s ignorance of BIS Registration can attract severe penalties from BIS Authorities.

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