Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol

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Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol

Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol

Intellectual rights, protect brand impression against certain reproducible actions. TM, R, ©, SM are some commonly abbreviated marks used for intellectual protection by businesses in India.

Here in this article, you will get to know what all properties these intellectual mark individually holds.

TM (Symbol for Trademark)

Trademarks protect words, graphics, symbols and other expressions linked with your brand identity. The TM symbol is used to signal others, that the specific brand or expression has already been claimed for protected usage by someone and is still in a process of approval. Because of the limited usability of the TM mark as compared to an approved trademark, it is largely unenforceable.

Also, included in the trademark category, SM (Service Marks) specifies for a definite class (35-45) of marks applied for Services, which as compared to an approved Service Mark can be forged easily.

® (Symbol for Registered)

An approved trademark or Servicemark by authorities is denoted by ® symbol, which signifies the trademark to be registered and legible to enjoy further protection from infringement under the Intellectual protection rights.

It has been particularly specified in laws, that making use of ® symbol without receiving approval against a trademarked logo or expression is illegal and if used it will strictly attract huge penalties against such brand or business.

© (Symbol for Copyright )

The symbol © has been abbreviated for Copyrights. Copyright reserves a right to cease any further use of copyrighted artwork, content, photograph, video, literature, etc. by any other person other than the person who copyrighted for it. It is generally represented with the name of the copyright owner and the year in which the copyright was applied/approved.

India is a member of the Berne Convention has to certainly follow provisions defined for copyrights. Once copyright is approved, one can legally enforce anyone for usage of his/her copyrighted creation.

Without intellectual protection, your brand possesses a threat of redirection to forged brands, it further swipes away the legal rights of the actual owner of the brand to sue the defaulter and claim compensation.

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