Form CFSS, 2020

Form CFSS, 2020

(Each company that has availed the benefits of the CFSS scheme needs to file this form mandatorily)

Form CFSS, 2020 has been notified with effect from 16th January 2021 for the companies which have sought the benefit of CFSS Scheme, 2020 with intent to condone the delay in filing of the forms for annual filing, auditor appointment, etc., and government fee as well.

The e-form CFSS, 2020 is a special form for those companies, are filing documents pertaining to the belated financial years for the compliance to the authority. This is an extension to the scheme i.e., Companies Fresh start Scheme, 2020 which was notified through circular 12/2020.

The procedure of filing form CFSS,2020:

The companies can proceed with the filing of such form for immunity certificate on delayed filing by complying the following procedure:

  1. Download the form, fill in the ROC and Company Details, and pre-fill button for the company details.
  2. Fill in all the requisite documents details which are filed after the expiry of CFSS Scheme, 2020 i.e 31st December 2020
  3. Enter the SRNs of all the forms in the tabular format provided, which will be opened on mentioning total number of SRNs for which this form has to be filed. The total number of SRN which can be mentioned is 20. Another reform CFSS, 2020 need to be filed for more than 20 SRNs.
  4. Select the radio button as to whether any appeal(s) was filed against
    1. any notice issued or complaint filed, or
    2. an order passed by a court orby an adjudicating authority under the Act, before a competent court or authority, before the commencement of the scheme, for violation of the provisions under the Act in respect of the above-mentioned document(s).
  5. Attachments:
    1. Proof of withdrawal of appeal against any notice issued or complaint filed or an order passed by a court or by an adjudicating authority under the Act, if any.
    2. Details in respect of prosecution(s) pending against the company and its officers in respect of belated documents filed under the scheme which requires withdrawal by

the Registrar, if any.

  1. Any other appropriate document, as the case may be.
  2. Verification by the Director or Manager or Company Secretary or CEO or CFO or Authorized Representative for filing and confirming the details of the form.

Effect of Eform CFSS, 2020:

The companies filing the form CFSS, 2020 are applying for immunity certificate which implies:

  1. The companies can file certain specified form/form which was not earlier available for filing to the companies after the expiry of the specified time period from the event date.
  2. The companies can file the mandatory annual forms without any additional fee.
  3. The companies are given chance to start fresh and can comply with all the required event-based and annual based compliance.
  4. The provision of additional fee has been removed on filing of such belated forms.

Important  points

  1. The total number of SRN which can be mentioned are 20. Another form CFSS, 2020 needs to be filed for more than 20 SRNs.
  2. The form can be filed till six months i.e., 15th July 2021 from 16th January, 2021.

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