Govt Initiates for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

ABC Analysis on govt initiatives for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

To boost the tourism Industry of India, post-pandemic the Finance Ministry provided several initiatives announcing the Union Budget 2023. More powers and offerings were made to the Tourism and Hospitality sector to develop it on a ‘Mission Mode’ and goals to make India a World leader in the Tourism sector. Under the India G20 Presidency, the setout target was placed to make India One Trillion USD in tourism estate by 2047 with over 100 million international visitors.

As said by the India Tourism Minister Shri G Kishan Reddy – “India is seeing a rapid revival of Foreign Tourist Arrivals after COVID, India can become the World’s major tourist hotspot with a whole government policy approach. For 2023, more than 1 crore foreign tourists are expected to visit India.”

Keeping in view the FM Mission Mode development approach for the Tourism sector, the Tourism Minister announced the below policy initiatives for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry :

  1. Launch of Best Tourism Village Competition Portal, Rural Tourism Portal, and Global Tourism Investor Summit Portal 2023: The Ministry announced to launch Best Tourism Village Competition Portal and Rural Tourism Portal to promote and honor village local art, culture, and lifestyle. The Global Tourism Investor Summit Portal,2023 was launched to attract foreign investors and travelers to India.
  2. Organise 1st Global Tourism Investor Summit this year: The Summit will be organized from 17th to 19th May 2023 for showcasing investible projects and opportunities in tourism.
  3. Launch of Visit India Year,2023 Program: A platform that will invite people to visit India and explore its heritage.
  4. Pursue forward the Dekho Apna Desh Initiative: To conduct more favorable webinars this year through Dekho Apna Desh which was launched in Jan 2020 for the promotion of tourism in the country.
  5. Take forward development plans sanctioned under the PRASAD Scheme, 2015: To allocate funds for the development of Pilgrimages and spiritual destinations under the National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual and Heritage Augmentation Drive (PRASAD).
  6. Sanction projects under Swadesh Darshan Scheme 2.0:To add more than 50 destinations and sanction funds for projects under the Swadesh Dashan Scheme which was announced in 2014 for the development of eco heritage and coastal themes.
  7. Financial assistance to several tourism agencies: To assist Cental tourism agencies with the development of cruise terminals, light shows, Attari Post Tourism Infrastructure, Tanot port tourism infrastructure, etc.
  8. Curation of Unity Malls in the different state capital: Set up Unity Malls in different state capitals for the promotion of culture and marketing of local products such as One District One Product and handicraft products.
  9. Develop Tourist Routes under the Regional Connectivity Scheme UDAN- 3:To sanction grants for providing better tourism connectivity to important tourist places and Iconic sites.
  10. Several projects in line with Road, Transport, Highway, and Waterways authorities: The Ministry will work with multiple departments and Ministries of Environment, Climate Change, and Forest for the development of eco-diversity and tourism.
  11. Provide free visas to tourists: The Ministry of Tourism will work closely with the Ministry of External Affairs and Home Affairs to extend the benefit of 500000 free Visas for tourists coming from 165 countries.
  12. Introduce more IT-based reforms through the National Integrated Database of Hospitality Industry ( NIDHI ): The Ministry will undertake reforms for improving IT-based reforms and electronic portals for trade travel booking and hotel classification.
  1. Bring youth to spheres of Tourism through Yuva Tourism Club: More efforts will be placed for youth to work in coordination with the Yuva Tourism Clubs proposed earlier by the Ministry to get educated about the career and job prospects in Tourism Industry.

Considering a holistic development approach along with revamping all known sectors and policies of tourism. The Finance Minister and the Ministry of Tourism will incorporate more digital solutions for improving connectivity, food system, and security in the tourism and hospitality industry. The Ministry of Tourism will also formulate a Draft of the National Tourism policy for sustainable growth of the tourism sector.

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